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Bathroom & Kitchen Design

Many years of experience in setting up bathrooms and kitchens. Bespokely designing bathroom and kitchens to meet customer requirements.

Central Heating Installations

Variety of central heating solutions installed per request for private and commercial customers. Ranging from basic combi-boilers to suit rental properties to big industrial gas system boilers for commercial customers.

Emergency Breakdowns

Covering emergency callouts within the local area ASAP. From the point of call prioritising finding and fixing the fault reported by the customer as quickly as possible.

I look after many holiday properties in the south west and I'm used to dealing with emergency calls.

Boiler Servicing

Keeping on top of boiler servicing helps to prevent boiler breakdown. This service can be provided to any of my customers for a variety of boilers, domestic and commercial.

General Plumbing Callouts

Miscellaneous plumbing callouts for a variety of customers, domestic and commercial, requesting a range of different plumbing services.

CONTACT: 07890 027907

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